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Erasmus Mundus SERP-Chem Scholarship to Study in Europe

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 LEVEL : Masters, Research
 FUNDING : Fully Funded
 OPEN TO : All
 PLACE : Europe
 STARTS IN : Sept 2022
STATUS : Closed

Applications are currently being received for the 2023-2025 Erasmus Mundus SERP-Chem Scholarship. The program is fully funded and offers a two-year program in Chemistry, Physical-Chemistry, Materials Science, and Related topics. Courses will be delivered by four European universities: Université Paris-Saclay, Università degli studi di Genova, Universidade do Porto and Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza.

The SERP-Chem Master’s program aims at training students in the most performing experimental and theoretical tools used and developed in chemistry, and to become the topmost researchers and managers in areas of great relevance such as green chemistry based on photon-induced reactions, Nano-medicine and renewable energies, applications of radiations, etc.

All applications submitted before the deadline will be considered for both scholarships. Applicants should have or should be in the process of getting a Bachelor’s degree at the time of the application. This program to study in Europe includes courses, tutorials, and lab training in cutting-edge areas related to renewable energies, green chemistry, radiation effects, nanomaterials for the industry, and nanomedicine.

At the end of the SERP-Chem program, students are awarded multiple diplomas according to the mobility track they followed: Master in Chemistry from Paris-Saclay University, Master in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Genoa (from 2022-2023: Master in Materials Science and Technology), Master in Nanomaterials Science and Technology from the University of Porto, Master in Chemistry from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.

Erasmus Mundus SERP-Chem Scholarship Details

  • Host institutions: Université Paris-Saclay in France, Università degli studi di Genova in Italy, Universidade do Porto in Portugal and Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza in Poland.
  • Eligible topics: Chemistry, Physical-Chemistry, Materials Science and Related topics.
  • Number of awards: The number of scholarships offered is defined on a yearly basis.
  • Duration: Two years.
  • Target group: Open to all nationalities.

Erasmus Mundus SERP-Chem Scholarship Benefits

The Erasmus Mundus SERP-Chem Scholarship program will provide successful applicants with the followings:

Partner countryProgramme country
I – Contribution to travel and installation cost
  • 1 000 EUR per year per scholarship holder resident in a Programme Country for travel costs
  • 2 000 EUR per year for travel costs + 1.000 EUR for installation costs for a scholarship holder, resident in a Partner Country less than 4000 KM from the EMJMD coordinating HEI.
  • 3 000 EUR per year for travel costs + 1.000 EUR for installation costs for a scholarship holder, resident in a Partner Country 4000 KM or more from the EMJMD coordinating HEI.
II – Contribution to tuition fees6 575€/year3 600€/year
III – Monthly allowance1 000€/month1 000€/month
Total amount for 2 years44 150€38 200€

The scholarship payment will be stopped in the following cases:

  • Partner country students carrying out part of their studies in a Partner country for more than 3 months;
  • Students carrying out part of their studies in their country of residence.

Note : No bank transfer will be made until the student arrives at the first host university. The students will be helped to set up a new bank account in France. Partner country students will receive contributions to travel and installation after their arrival.

ERP+ master Specializations

The SERP+ master aims at training students from all around the world to become researchers, engineers and managers in the following areas.

  1. Renewable energies: physical and chemical principles of photosynthesis
  2. Green chemistry: based on photon-induced reactions
  3. Nanomedicine: nanoparticles for selective cell destruction
  4. Innovative materials: surface modifications, specialized coatings, and thin films
  5. Nanosciences: synthesis of coated nanoparticles by radiation
  6. Applications of radiations: cancer therapy, medical imaging, cosmetics, depolluting agents.

Erasmus Mundus SERP-Chem Scholarship Eligibility

This Europe scholarship will be awarded to both European and non-European students. The number of scholarships offered will be defined on a yearly basis. Programme country scholarships are awarded to applicants who:

  • are nationals of any EU member state
  • are nationals from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, and Macedonia
  • have resided or carried out their main activities (studies, work, etc.) in any of the above-mentioned countries for more than 12 months over the past five years

Note : Partner country scholarships are awarded to students who do not fulfill the Programme country criteria mentioned above.

Furthermore, all applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • have or are in the process to get a Bachelor’s degree at the time of the application.
  • interested in one of the eligible topics: Chemistry, Physical-Chemistry, Materials Science and Related topics. Non-eligible topics are: Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mathematics, Food, Biology, Pharmacy, and Mechanical Engineering.

Applicants already holding a master’s degree can be accepted in the second year of the master’s at Paris-Saclay University. PhD students and PhD holders are not eligible. Applicants with a degree from an institution where the language of instruction is not English are required to provide an official English score report (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge certificates). Awards and external references and other criteria will also be taken into account.

Selection Criteria

  • 50%: Academic (and professional when relevant) workloads (including appropriateness of the curriculum, grades),
  • 20%: Motivation and professional project,
  • 15%: Recommendation letter,
  • 10%: English proficiency,
  • 5%: Involvement in associations, networks or any other extra-curricular activities showing personal leadership and dynamic abilities.

Similar opportunities

  • ANSO Scholarship for International Students in China;
  • Université de Montréal International Student Scholarship;
  • Emile-Boutmy Scholarship at Sciences Po for international students.
  • How to Apply for the Erasmus Mundus SERP-Chem Scholarship?

    To apply for this scholarship program, applicants must click on the apply button below to create an account. You will then log in to the online platform (with your credentials) to complete your application. You will have the opportunity to come back at any time to complete, submit or check the status of your registration.

    Note: All applicants non-selected for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship will also be considered for the Paris-Saclay scholarship and for self-financed admissions. There is no need to make several applications.

    Required Documents

    1. Your CV (2 pages maximum) as a PDF file
    2. A cover letter (motivation letter, 2 pages maximum) as PDF file
    3. Your grades as PDF file. Upload your grades since the first year of your Bachelor’s studies (including an explanation of the grading system used at your university). Only official, signed and stamped transcripts of records will be taken into consideration. Student copies or any other non-official documents will be disregarded. If you already hold a Master’s degree, please upload the grades that you have obtained during both your Bachelor’s and your Master’s degrees.
    4. Bachelor or Master degree diploma/certificate as PDF file (if you already obtained it)
    5. Passport (or identity card for students from the European Union) as PDF file
    6. Proof of your place of residency as PDF file. This can be a certificate from your place of study (e.g. student card), work (e.g. contract), or a residence certificate in accordance with your municipality registration, issued less than 12 months before the application deadline.
    7. Proof of English proficiency (not required in certain conditions).
      1. TOEFL:
        • Paper Based Test: 550 or higher;
        • Computer Based Test: 213 or higher;
        • Internet-Based Test: 82 or higher.
      2. IELTS: 6.0 points or higher
      3. Cambridge Certificates: Cambridge English First (FCE), Cambridge English Advanced (CAE), and Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE).
    8. Recommendation letter on letterhead paper and hand signed (optional)
    9. Contact details of a referee. This referee must be able to evaluate your scientific knowledge(e.g. professor or internship supervisor). The SERP+ office will contact him/her in order to request a recommendation letter. This is your responsibility to ensure that your referee will answer our request on time. In addition, please note that the referee must have a valid institutional email address. All Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail email addresses will be disregarded. As soon as the status of your application is “Checked”, this means that an email has been sent to your referee. If he/she has not received anything, your referee needs to check the spam box and will have 2 weeks to submit a recommendation in your favor.

    Note : All documents must be in English. Only certified translations will be accepted. All documents translated to English must come with a copy of the original document. Original transcripts of records and degree certificates in French, Italian, Portuguese and Polish can be accepted.

    The deadline to submit application is . For more details on the Erasmus Mundus SERP-Chem Scholarship, please visit the official page. To be the first to see latest opportunities, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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