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IMT School for Advanced Studies Scholarship
Wednesday, June 12, 2024

IMT School for Advanced Studies Scholarship

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 LEVEL : PhD, Research
 FUNDING : Fully Funded
 OPEN TO : All
 PLACE : Italy
STATUS : Closed

Are you ready to start your educational journey in Italy? If so, you have here a great opportunity to achieve your dream. The IMT School for Advanced Studies Scholarship is a prestigious and competitive PhD scholarship program that provides exceptional opportunities for talented individuals to pursue their research ambitions. The program is open to candidates of all countries in the world who have a master’s degree or able to get their degrees by October 31st, 2023.

The program adopts equal opportunity principles in its selection procedures and rejects any type of discrimination based on sex, gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation, state of health, and any other. The Scholarship is fully funded and provide monthly stipend, accommodation, tuition fees, free meal etc. The program offers a stimulating and collaborative environment where scholars can exchange ideas, participate in interdisciplinary initiatives, and contribute to innovative research outcomes.

Program details

  • Host institution: IMT School for Advanced Studies in Italy.
  • Eligible program: Please find the full list below.
  • Number of scholarships: 32.
  • Duration: 3 years.
  • Target group: Open to citizens of all nationalities.

IMT School for Advanced Studies Scholarship Benefits

Selected applicants for this scholarship will be provided with the following benefits:

  1. The scholarship amount is 16,243.00 Euros/year and shall be disbursed in monthly installments;
  2. All PhD students admitted are exempt from paying tuition fees, although they are still responsible for paying the yearly Regional Education Tax (currently 140.00 Euros/year);
  3. All PhD students are offered free meals (lunch and dinner) at the on-campus canteen;
  4. All PhD students are provided with free accommodation in shared double rooms within the campus residential facilities.

Note : For any research or training activities at universities or research centers abroad, the scholarship amount is increased by 50% for up to 12 months. This period can be extended up to 18 months in case of co-tutored Programs established with a foreign institution and/or in case of Programs established in agreement with other institutions.

Admitted candidates who have already benefited from a PhD scholarship in Italy cannot be assigned another one. The scholarship has a maximum duration of three (3) years and is subject to annual confirmation.

Eligible programs for Scholarships

Below is the list of PhD Programs, open for 2023/2024 academic year that are eligible for the scholarship program.

  1. Cognitive, Computational and Social Neurosciences (5)
  2. Cultural Systems (7)
  3. Economics, Analytics and Decision Sciences (8)
  4. Systems Science (12).

IMT School for Advanced Studies Scholarship Eligibility

To apply for this Europe scholarship, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Degree:
  • “Laurea Magistrale” or “Specialistica” (according to DM no. 509, of November 3, 1999), or a four- or five-year degree (according to the previous rules of the Italian higher education system) obtained in Italy or;
  • Foreign degrees that give access to the PhD in the Country where it has been awarded.
  • Knowledge of the English language: Applicants are required to indicate their level of English.

Note : Applicants who obtain their degree by no later than October 31st, 2023, can also apply. These candidates will be admitted to the selection procedure “with reserve ” and must provide their degree certificate by the date of enrollment, or they will be excluded from the Program.

Similar Opportunities

  1. Schwarzman Scholars program at Tsinghua University;
  2. Japanese Government MEXT Scholarships;
  3. Government of Romania MEAT Scholarship.

How to Apply to the IMT School for Advanced Studies Scholarship

Eligible candidates who would like to apply for this university scholarship program need to click on the apply button below and follow the given instructions to submit their applications. Applicants must also upload the required documents to the online system.

Note : The online application form must be filled in English. Applicants must upload the documents in PDF format and the maximum size is 30MB for each attachment. Furthermore, documents should be in Italian or English.

Research Statement

To best evaluate each candidate’s aptitude for the School’s PhD Programs, all candidates must upload a document (maximum 10,000 characters, spaces included) mandatorily in English, as specified below for each track:

  • for AMCH: the research statement consists of a research project proposal to be used exclusively to evaluate the application. The candidates, once admitted to the Program, will define their research project with the Advisor chosen for their supervision;
  • for CCSN: the research statement must include a description of the candidate’s competences and experiences within the relevant scientific or academic field, future projects and an illustration of the candidate’s motivation for pursuing study at the IMT School;
  • for EADS: the research statement must include a summary of the candidate’s academic background, scientific interests, research experience, research ideas for future projects, and motivations for pursuing a PhD in Economics, Analytics and Decisions Sciences at the IMT School;
  • for MUST: the research statement consists of a description of the candidate’s experiences, including future projects, also in relation to the partner museums, and motivation for enrolling in the track;
  • for SyS: the research statement must include a summary of the candidate’s academic background, scientific knowledge, research experience, ideas for future research projects, and motivations for pursuing a Ph.D. study at the IMT School.

Note : It is possible to apply for more than one track, submitting a new application for each track selected. Applicants cannot register more than once with different email addresses and/or different names or submit more than one application for the same track (in this case, only the last one will be considered valid).

The application deadline is . For more details on the IMT School for Advanced Studies Scholarship, please visit the university website. To be the first to see latest opportunities, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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