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Siemens China Scholarship for International Students, 2021-2022

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FUNDING: Fully Funded
OPEN TO: International Students
PLACE: China
STATUS: Closed

The Siemens China Scholarship at Tsinghua University is a full scholarship offered by Siemens Ltd., China to support outstanding international students to pursue PhD degrees. The Siemens scholarships are open for studies in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Academy of Arts & Design, School of Software, Department of Automation, Department of Electrical Engineering and other related departments or schools at Tsinghua University.

Recipients of the Siemens China Scholarship will cooperate with Siemens in fields, such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Future of Automation, Autonomous Robotics, etc. for their Phd research. Through the study and practice in the forefront of industrial technology development, Scholarship recipients will lay the foundation for the growth of innovative talents in the industry.

Founded in 1911, Tsinghua University (Chinese: 清华大学) is a major research university in Beijing, China. The university is a member of the C9 League of Chinese universities and count among it alumni, many Chinese leaders. The university has 20 Schools, 59 Departments, 3565 Faculty members, 50394 Registered students among which more than 3250 are international students, and 2602 Postdoctoral Researchers. The university is ranked as the 15th best university in the world in the QS World University Rankings, and is considered to be the best university in Asia.

Program Details

  • Host Institutions: Tsinghua University in China.
  • Fields of Study: Robotics & Mechatronics, Future of Automation, Artificial Intelligence, IT Security, etc. Please visit the official page fore details information.
  • Number of Awards: Not specified.
  • Duration: four years in principle.
  • Target Group: Open to all nationalities.

Siemens China Scholarship Benefits

Selected candidates for the Siemens Scholarship to study in China will have the following benefits:

  • Tuition fees,
  • Living allowance (including accommodation, medical insurance, books or other materials and transportation, etc.): 200,000 RMB/year in total.

Siemens China Scholarship Research Topics

Selected candidates are required to select one of the following research topics as the main research topic for the PhD stage and have to carry it out with Siemens:

  1. Probabilistic Machine Learning for Industrial Applications
  2. Semantic modeling for digital manufacturing
  3. Simulation and optimization algorithms
  4. Human autonomous system interaction design
  5. AI in software engineering
  6. Computer vision and environmental perception
  7. Autonomous robot motion planning
  8. Advanced robot applications
  9. AI based robotics and automation technology
  10. Runtime (embedded) system technology
  11. Control theory & engineering
  12. Measurement & electronic technology
  13. Cloud/Edge based engineering and runtime technologies for advanced robots, AGV and automation system
  14. AI based robotics and automation control technology
  15. Robot/vision simulation technology
  16. Condition monitor of electronic components and advanced robotics
  17. Power load disaggregation and optimization technologies
  18. Optimization of Wideband gap Devices based Power Converters.

Siemens China Scholarship Eligibility

Applicants for the Siemens Scholarship should meet all the following requirements:

  • Be an international student in good health
  • Meet the requirements of admission for international graduate students at Tsinghua University;
  • Should apply to the department/school as shown on official web page;
  • Must appreciate Siemens Values, and be willing to work together with Siemens to carry out research work;
  • Are not offered other kinds of scholarships for study at Tsinghua University.

Similar opportunities

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Application instructions

Eligible applicants who would like to apply for the scholarship must hit the apply button below to apply for full-time international graduate programs by submitting the online application.

Please make sure that you meet the requirements of the scholarship, and choose the answer “YES” on the question: “Apply the Siemens China Scholarship or not?”

Application Tips

  1. Applicants shall guarantee that all information and application documents are authentic and accurate. If any time fraud or deliberate exaggeration is found, it will lead to a disqualification.
  2. Applications with incomplete documents or not up to the requirements will not be processed.
  3. All applications must be submitted online. There is no other way of application.
  4. Please submit the scholarship application materials within the prescribed time.
  5. This scholarship is a competitive scholarship. In order to increase your chances of obtaining financial aid for your studies, it is suggested that applicants should also apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship.

The Application deadline is . For more information about the Siemens China Scholarship for International Students, please visit the official page. To be the first to see latest opportunities, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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