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Huron University Automatic Entrance Scholarships
Thursday, May 30, 2024

Huron University Automatic Entrance Scholarships

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 LEVEL : Undergraduate
 FUNDING : Partially Funded
 OPEN TO : All
 PLACE : Canada
STATUS: Ongoing

If study in canada is one of your plans, please read this content that provides valuable information about Huron University Automatic Entrance scholarships. In fact, Huron celebrates students’ academic excellence, dedication to civic engagement and demonstration of exceptional character through scholarship and awards that are supported by generous community members. Each year, the university provides awards and scholarship about $4.4 million, to support its students. Scholarships may be automatic based on academic history or may require an application.

The university provides two types of entrance scholarships: Automatic Entrance Scholarships and scholarships that require an application. For the latter, you need to apply for it, while the first is awarded automatically. Interested applicants in this university scholarship will then need to apply for admission to a program at the Huron University College. Some scholarships are renewable every year provided the student maintains a certain level of academic performance. After graduation, international students can upgrade their status to permanent resident and later get citizenship. Scholarships are applied to tuition and residence fees first. To receive a scholarship, you must be a full-time continuing student.

Founded in 1863, Huron University College is an affiliated University College of the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada. The university offers Undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Arts and Social Science and graduate programs through the Faculty of Theology. Huron class sizes are small, and thus allow students to enjoy lots of interaction with professors and classmates.

Program details

  • Host institution: Huron University College, Canada.
  • Fields of study: Available programs at the university (Please check list below).
  • Number of grants: Not specified.
  • Duration: varies (depends on program).
  • Eligible countries: Open to all nationalities (Foreign students, American students, Canadians and permanent residents).

Huron University Automatic Entrance Scholarships Benefits

Below is the list of Huron entrance scholarships that are open to Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents (CC or PR) and International Students/ Student Visa (INTL). Scholarships are applied to tuition and residence fees first. To receive a scholarship, you must be a full-time continuing student.

Canadian Entrance Scholarships (CC or PR)

Canadian high school applicants with a final admission average of 82.0% or higher are guaranteed an automatic entrance award from Huron.

Final Admissions AverageValue of Award
82.00% to 84.9%$6,000 ($1500/year)
85.00% to 89.9%$10,000 ($2,500/year)
90.00% to 94.9%$12,000 ($3000/year)
95% and above$14,000 ($3,500/year)

International Automatic Entrance Scholarships (INTL)

All international students applying to Huron are automatically assessed for this scholarship, based on their academic results and the completion of the Personal Statement section in their Huron Application Portal when submitting their initial application.

Applicants who submit their application without completing the Personal Statement section will not be eligible for any International Entrance Scholarship. The Scholarships are valued between $4,000 to $60,000 over four years ($1,000 to $15,000 per year of study).

Transfer Student Scholarships (CC or PR)

Final Admissions AverageValue of Award
80.00% to 81.99%$500/year
82.00% to 84.99%$1,000/year
85.00% to 89.99%$1,500/year
90.00% & above$2,000/year

For Canadian students graduating from recognized post-secondary institutions. Automatic entrance scholarships are renewable for up to four years provided that you maintain a minimum overall average of 80% in a minimum of 5.0 credits each year prior.

Alberta Scholarship (CC or PR)

The Alberta Scholarship is a one-time award given to a student entering Huron from an Alberta high school with the highest entering grade. The scholarship is funded by the Pirie Foundation and is valued at $2,500.00.

Manitoba Scholarship (CC or PR)

The Manitoba Scholarship is a one-time award given to a student entering Huron from a Manitoba high school with the highest entering grade. The scholarship is valued at $3,000.00.

National Scholarship

$1,000 Unlimited number available, non-renewable. This scholarship program is for those applying from a Canadian high school outside of Ontario.

Programs at the Huron University College

Below is the list of available programs at the Huron University College.

Arts & Social Science

  1. Centre for Global Studies
  2. Centre for Undergraduate Research Learning (CURL)
  3. Economics
  4. English and Cultural Studies
  5. French Studies
  6. Global Great Books
  7. Governance, Leadership and Ethics
  8. History
  9. Non-Departmental Courses
  10. East Asia Studies
  11. Jewish Studies
  12. Philosophy
  13. Political Science
  14. Psychology
  15. Scholar’s Electives Program


  • Major and Minor in Religion and Theology
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Theological Studies

Management and Organizational Studies

  • Management and Organizational Studies
  • Organizational Studies, Policy, and Ethics

Huron University Automatic Entrance Scholarships Eligibility

To benefit from this Canada scholarship, candidates must satisfy the following criteria.

  • Academic excellence with a mid-year average of 80% or higher on Huron’s grading scale.
  • Meet chosen program specific requirements.
  • Exceptional record of extracurricular and community involvement, as well as a demonstrated passion to positively contribute to global society.
  • Submit an application to a Huron program.

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Why study at the Huron University College?

Please watch the video below to see if the Huron University College is for you.

How to Apply for Huron University Automatic Entrance Scholarships

Interested candidates in this scholarship to study in North America only need to contact the university and apply for a offered program.

No supplemental application is required for these scholarships; you will automatically be assessed for Automatic Entrance Scholarships during the application process to any Huron program and any scholarships awarded will be stated on your Offer of Admission letter.

Candidates are advised to contact the university to get more information about admission deadlines. You can also use the apply button below to see deadlines. To know more about the Huron University Automatic Entrance Scholarships, please visit the university website. To be the first to see latest opportunities, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. Par cette présente je viens vous solliciter une bourse d’étude. En effet je viens d’obtenir mon baccalauréat serie C( scientifique) avec une mention BIEN , avec 306 points sur 400 points .
    Voulant poursuivre mes études dans votre prestigieuse université afin d’acquérir une meilleure formation universitaire.
    Veuillez agréer monsieur, madame, l’expression de mes salutations distinguées.

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