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Concordia Presidential Scholarships to Study in Canada, 2021-2022

Concordia Presidential Scholarships for International Students
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LEVEL: Undergraduate
FUNDING: Fully Funded
PLACE: Canada
STATUS: 60 Days left

Applications are now opened for the Concordia Presidential Scholarships to Study in Canada. The scholarship is opened for the 2021-2022 academic and aims to support international undergraduate students who have shown academic excellence, community leadership and motivation to better the global community. The Presidential Scholarships are available for prospective students from around the world willing to enroll in an undergraduate degree programs at the Concordia University in Canada.

This prestigious scholarship award will be granted to up to 2 incoming students from any faculty and will cover tuition and fees, books and living costs based on Concordia’s residency rate. This is a great opportunity for those who are planning to study in Canada to get admission at the Concordia University and potentially win the scholarship.

Founded in 1974, Concordia University is a public research university that is located in Montreal Quebec, Canada. The university offers over 300 undergraduate and 100 graduate programs and courses. The university has four faculties, a school of graduate studies and numerous colleges, centres and institutes, and more than 35 000 undergraduate students. Furthermore, it has more than 220,000 alumni worldwide.

Program details

  • Host institution: Concordia University, Quebec – Canada.
  • Fields of study: Available programs at the university.
  • Number of Awards: 2.
  • Duration: up to 4 years.
  • Eligible countries: Open to all nationalities (Except Canadians).

Concordia Presidential Scholarships to Study in Canada Benefits

These scholarships to study in North America are warded to deserving students at the time of admission. Therefore, candidates willing to take their chance at this scholarship must contact the university and apply for admission. The Concordia Presidential Scholarship will cover tuition and fees, books and living costs based on Concordia’s residency rate. The scholarship is normally renewable up to four years assuming the students meet all renewal requirements.

Graduate programs at the Concordia University

Below is the list of available graduate programs at the Concordia University.

  • Aerospace Engineering (MEng)
  • Applied Linguistics (MA)
  • Art Education (MA, PhD)
  • Art History (MA, PhD)
  • Art Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies (MA)
  • Biology (MSc)
  • Biology (PhD)
  • Biotechnology and Genomics (GrDip)
  • Building Engineering (Grad, Cert, MASc, MEng, PhD)
  • Business Administration (Grad. Cert. GrDip, PhD)
  • Chartered Professional Accountancy (CPA) (GrDip)
  • Chemical Engineering (Grad. Cert. GrDip)
  • Chemistry (MSc, PhD)
  • Child Studies (MA)
  • Civil Engineering (MSc, MEng, PhD)
  • Communication (PhD)
  • Communication Studies (GrDip)
  • Community Economic Development (GrDip)
  • Computer Science (GrDip, MApCompSc, MCompSc, PhD)
  • Construction Engineering and Management (MEng)
  • Design (MDes)
  • Développement économique communautaire (dipl. 2e c.)
  • Digital Innovation in Journalism Studies (MA)
  • Drama Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies (MA)
  • Economics (GrDip, MA, PhD)
  • Education (PhD)
  • Educational Studies (MA)
  • Educational Technology (MA)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSc, MEng, PhD)
  • English (MA)
  • English Literature (PhD)
  • Environmental Assessment (DEA, GrDip, MEnv)
  • Environmental Engineering (Grad.Cert., MEng)
  • Film and Moving Image Studies (PhD)
  • Finance (MSc)
  • Geography, Urban and Environmental Studies (MSc, PhD)
  • Health and Exercise Science (MSc, PhD)
  • History (MA, PhD)
  • Human Systems Intervention (MA)
  • Humanities (PhD)
  • Individualized Program (MA, MSc, PhD)
  • Industrial Engineering (MSc, MEng, PhD)
  • Information and Systems Engineering (PhD)
  • Information Systems Security (MSc, MEng)
  • Instructional Technology (GrDip)
  • Journalism (GrDip)
  • Judaic Studies (MA)
  • Management (MSc)
  • Marketing (MSc)
  • Mathematics (MA, MSc, PhD)
  • MBA
  • Mechanical Engineering (Grad. Cert., MSc, MEng, PhD)
  • Media Studies (MA)
  • Microprogramme en didactique et linguistique pour l’enseignement du français langue seconde (Grad. Cert.)
  • Music Therapy (GrDip)
  • Music Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies (MA)
  • Philosophy (MA)
  • Physics (MSc, PhD)
  • Play Therapy (Grad. Cert.)
  • Political Science (MA, PhD)
  • Psychology (MA, PhD)
  • Public Policy and Public Administration (MA)
  • Quality Systems Engineering (MASc, MEng)
  • Quantitative Business Studies (Grad. Cert.)
  • Religion (PhD)
  • Religions and Cultures (MA)
  • Social and Cultural Analysis (PhD)
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology (MA)
  • Sociology (MA)
  • Software Engineering (MSc, MEng, PhD)
  • Studio Arts (MFA) and more…

Concordia Presidential Scholarships to Study in Canada Eligibility

To benefit from this scholarship program, candidates must satisfy below criteria.

  • First time attending university.
  • Studying full-time in an undergraduate degree program.*
  • International student, paying full international student rate.
  • Starting studies at Concordia University in Fall 2021.

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Why study at the Concordia University?

Please watch the video below to see if the Concordia University is what you’re looking for.

Application instructions

To apply for this scholarship to study in Canada, you must first apply for admission (prior to applying for this scholarship). The application is done in two stages:

A. Student Application

If eligible, applicants must complete the application package and upload it to their MyConcordia student portal. The package must be a single PDF file comprised of the following:

  1. The Student Application Form
  2. A current curriculum vitae that outlines all their work, volunteer experience, accolades, cultural, and other accomplishments.
  3. A Personal Statement – expressing their community leadership and commitment to bettering the global community, and explaining how receiving this scholarship will help in the pursuit of their studies and the fulfillment of their personal and academic aspirations
  4. File name: LastName_FirstName_StudentID# (Example: Doe_John_12345678).

B. Nominator Application

Applicants must also be nominated by an individual who can attest to their achievements and their character. Nominators should be someone who knows the applicant and their accomplishments well. Typically, the nominator should not be a personal friend or relative. This nominator must complete a nominator’s package and send it via email to [email protected]. The nominator’s package must include the following:

  1. The Nomination Form
  2. A confidential 1000-word limit personal statement that outlines why they believe the applicant is the best candidate for the Concordia Presidential Scholarship
  3. Email subject line: Presidential Scholarship Nomination StudentLastName_Student ID (Example: Presidential Scholarship Nomination Doe_12345678)
  4. File name: StudentLastName_StudentFirstName_StudentID#_Nominator (Example: Doe_John_12345678_Nominator).

For the academic year 2021-2022, all application packages must be uploaded to your MyConcordia student portal (applicant) or submitted via email to [email protected] (nominator) no later than Monday at 23:59 EST. To know more about the Concordia Presidential Scholarships to Study in Canada for international students, please visit the official page. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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